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World Business Forum Sydney 2017

After a successful World Business Forum Sydney in 2014, 2015 and 2016, we are happy to bring you this next chapter for WBF Sydney at The Event Centre, The Star on 31 May - 1 June 2017.

In 2017 the World Business Forum will highlight that in a world where new technologies emerge at pace, those who anticipate change and are quickly able to adapt will flourish. Organisations and individuals alike must reinvent themselves constantly; experiment and learn; identify new opportunities, exploit them fast, and move on. In this world it is the entrepreneur, the experimenter, the risk taker who will thrive.

Long term competitive advantage is dead! Are you ready to live in a state of permanent BETA?




World Business Forum Sydney

Ken Segall

Leveraging the Power of Simplicity

Ken Segall int



Former Ad Agency Creative Director at Apple

Ken Segall is the author of the bestselling book Insanely Simple. A creative director who worked side-by-side with Steve Jobs at both NeXT and Apple for 12 years, Ken Segall played a key role in Apple's post-1997 resurrection. He helped to create such critical ad-campaigns as 'Think Different' and come up with the 'i' before Apple's key products, playing a pivotal role in reviving the company from near death to one of the most admired and profitable companies in the world.

As an advertising executive by trade, Segall worked as a global creative director at Dell, IBM, Intel and BMW before joining Apple. It was at Apple, however, where he experienced first hand how Steve Jobs' obsession with simplicity became the driving force that informs every decision the company makes, from product design to advertising to the packaging of its products. Currently, Segall does creative work in branding and product naming for major brands, and serves as an advocate for how organizations can embrace the principles of simplicity to guide everything from innovation and organization, to sales and communication.


  • In a complex world, how can we embrace the of simplicity to achieve extraordinary success
  • How the preference for simplicity is built into our DNA, and why given the choice, human beings will always choose the simpler path
  • The inside story on how Steve Jobs' obsession with simplicity helped Apple perform better and faster, saving millions in the process
  • Making simplicity the basis of everything your strategy