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World Business Forum Sydney 2017

After a successful World Business Forum Sydney in 2014, 2015 and 2016, we are happy to bring you this next chapter for WBF Sydney at The Event Centre, The Star on 31 May - 1 June 2017.

In 2017 the World Business Forum will highlight that in a world where new technologies emerge at pace, those who anticipate change and are quickly able to adapt will flourish. Organisations and individuals alike must reinvent themselves constantly; experiment and learn; identify new opportunities, exploit them fast, and move on. In this world it is the entrepreneur, the experimenter, the risk taker who will thrive.

Long term competitive advantage is dead! Are you ready to live in a state of permanent BETA?




World Business Forum Sydney

Jimmy Wales

Business in a Connected and Collaborative World

jimmy wales int



Founder of Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales is a U.S. Internet entrepreneur, wiki pioneer, and technology visionary, who is best known as the founder of Wikipedia - currently the fifth most popular website in the world. Named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People," Jimmy Wales was also acknowledged by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 250 leaders across the world for his professional accomplishments, his commitment to society, and his potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world.

The origins of Wikipedia began in March 2000, when Wales started Nupedia ("the free encyclopedia"), which was characterized by an extensive peer-review process. With the addition of wikis (a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content), the project was dubbed "Wikipedia" with the goal to create a world in which "every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge". In 2003 Wales established the Wikimedia Foundation to oversee his expanding online enterprises. He extended the wiki model to several other projects, including Wiktionary and Wikinews. In 2004 he cofounded with Angela Beesley the for-profit Wikia, Inc.


  • Threats and opportunities for business in a globally connected world with free access to human knowledge
  • How organizations must adapt to compete and innovate in a world that is increasingly open and collaborative
  • Rethinking how businesses need to interact with employees, customers, distributors, suppliers and the public
  • A look at the technologies that will lie at the heart of the next wave of business disruption